AFFF joins twitter

The AFFF is delighted to announce its entry into social media with a new twitter account. Our handle is @FightingFund. Follow us to keep up to date with the work of the AFFF.

Launch of fundraising campaign

The AFFF has released a video calling for donations to the Fund to support legal challenges in the interests of Australian farmers. Watch the video at

AFFF supports class action seeking compensation over the ban on live exports

A class action filed in the Federal Court in October 2014 seeks compensation for Northern Territory cattle producers affected by the former Government’s decision to suspend the live export trade to Indonesia in June 2011.

The northern cattle industry is a vital part of Australian agriculture, representing 50% of Northern Territory primary production as well as being a major indigenous employer. The ban in 2011 left Australia’s domestic reputation in tatters, caused significant financial losses for individual cattle producers and forced many out of the industry altogether.

Governments on both sides of the political spectrum have acknowledged the regrettable nature of the decision, but have done nothing to try and remedy the effects on so many businesses reliant on the live export trade in northern Australia. 

The AFFF is proud to support members of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association in what is likely to be a costly and hard fought legal case. Governments cannot make reckless decisions that decimate an industry without being brought to account.